half of me.

redlipsstickGet to know me a little,

★ I’m half swedish, 25% danish and 25% hungarian. 
• When I was little I wanted to work as a hairdresser or a dolphin carer. 
★ I lived in the US for a year, and worked as an au pair. 
• I rearrange in my room at least once a month. 
★ When I was little I couldn’t pronounce Y, so I pronounced everything with an U instead. 
• I’m very proud of me feet (?)
★ I had braces for 1,5 year during my high school years at ProCivitas. 
• Me and my boyfriend met in New York, during my year in the US – thanks to a common friend of ours. 
★ My favorite music artist of all times is Chris Brown, he sure knows how to create music. 
• I’ve been wanting to move away from home since I was 14, not because I didn’t wanted to live at home, but because of the fact that I wanted to decorate a whole apartment for myself. 
★ My favorite candy is milk chocolate. 
• I’ve worked in Helsingör, Denmark for 4 years, I started when I was 14. 
★ I would love to speak English everyday, I love it!

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    • denice
      denice says:

      You’re right, that doesn’t make sense. I accidentally wrote U instead of Y, but I just fixed that! 🙂

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