The Perfect Snack.

IMG_28931Tänkte bjuda på ett mellanmål som är riktigt gott, och är lätt att fixa!
Det är ju oftast det vi vill ha, man vill helst inte behöva stå och fixa för länge för ett lätt mål, därför vill jag tipsa er om ovanstående. Banan med keso, färska bär, mandlar, goji bär och lite honung. SUPER GOTT!

Thought you might want a good and healthy tip on what to eat/make for a snack. 
Something thats healthy, good and fast to make. check out the picture above, looks pretty good right? All you need is a banana, some cottage cheese, berries, almonds, goji berries and some honey. AMAZING!

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  1. Elisa
    Elisa says:

    Denice. Everytime I check out your blog you make me smile. Somehow every single picture you upload could be chosen by me. You inspire me. So keep the good and especially regular work up. (And please please please don’t give up on the english posts!!!) I keep coming back because I know there will always be something new!
    And I will definitely have to try this snack these days. Looks amazing!

    • denice
      denice says:

      Wow, you just made my day!! Thank you so so much! You have no idea how glad I am to hear that!
      I will not stop with my english posts, I love my foreign readers!
      Good luck on that snack, taste like heaven! 🙂

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