Screw Calm & Go Running!

WorkoutNEW1. The secret to those extra minutes of your workout. 
When I feel like I have reached my limit, and feel like – I really cant do it any more. I put on my favorite song, which makes me smile and since I don’t want to turn the song off, I keep running/biking/doing my sit-ups until the song is over. You have it in you, its just your head that tells you “Now I am tired” So just push yourself those extra couple of minutes, and you will prove your head wrong. 

2. Look trough fun pictures on tumblr and we heart it before a workout. 
Search Motivation, workout & Quotes. That really gives a kick! Not only will you get a laugh, you will get inspired of other people. To see someones abs (who is not a model) gets my so focused on my own goal, which gets me inspired right away!  Remember – you’re not the only one out there fighting for a better lifestyle! 

3. Happy Girls are the Prettiest! 
Remember, even though you are working your butt off to look “better”, don’t forget the most important thing: Your smile! Whether you are tall or short, skinny or bigger, your smile is the prettiest thing you’ve got and if you are happy, other people will be too!

4. Be Honest to yourself. 
If you write in a workout/food book like me, be honest to yourself. Even though you want to only see good food and long workouts in there, you are human. If you eat something that is not on the healthy side, write it and be honest. Or if someone asked you what you had for breakfast, don’t lie to sound better, be yourself and be proud that you are not perfect.

5. Have Fun While Exercising! 
Who said exercise couldn’t be fun? Google different workouts, ask friends for tips and try out a new group workout at your gym, who knows – you might find your perfect workout? Whether its yoga, boxing, step or zumba its all about the movement and having a fun time! I think we all know that we get sick and tired of going to the gym, or exercising at all if we think its boring. Right?

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