Not Without My Cap.

CAP CollageCollage made by me / Pictures from Weheartit and my own.

Tänkte inspirera med dessa fräcka bilder. Vem hade kunnat tro att kepsar skulle bli så stora som de har blivit? Även till tjejer! Ett lätt sätt att piffa upp en outfit måste jag säga. Sen att kepsar finns i hundra olika modeller, färger och former gör ju allt så mycket roligare. Angelica Blick inspirerade hela världen när hon stylade en outfit med en Spike-keps, men gillar starkt dessa skin kepsarna också, gillar ni trenden? 

I wanted to inspire you guys to wear more caps! It has been in fashion for a while, but I was a little scared to wear mine at first too, so I know the feeling if you have a cap but don’t feel like wearing it. Be confident and shine bright like a diamond. I love this leather cap, who says you have to go for the sport cap? No one, exactly – find one thats fits your head perfectly, you feel comfortable in and wear it to anything, you’ll look great!