Guys with Suits.

Suits CollageCollage made by me / Pictures borrowed from We Heart it. 

First of all, love guys with style – aka wearing a suit. Speaking of suits, I hope you have seen the TV-show? 
Oh my gosh, me and my boyfriend started watching it and I am obsessed, literally.
Guys – watch and learn. Style and fashion does not have to be difficult or creative, just trow on a suit for fancy days and a pair of jeans, a shirt and a cool blazer and sneakers to that. Love it! 

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  1. majahavemann
    majahavemann says:

    OMW my husband and I are completely obsessed with Suits! Its just so polished and intense-imagine you walked around like that everyday?! I think my mind would explode! Loving your blog-more more more!!! I check for updates everyday and get depressed when you don’t post! 🙂

    • denice
      denice says:

      Thats so funny, so are we!! Love the show, it has everything 🙂 Thank you so much!! Love that you commented, sometimes when you don’t get any comments I loose the inspiration for blogging, so keep commenting! 🙂 XX

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