9 Summer Loves.

Pink CollageCollage made by me / Pictures borrowed from We heart it.

1. Decorate with a fun color, like pink in your home. It’s summer, and colors is what we love and get happy by. / 2. White painted nails, nothing is more fresh than that. / 3. Natural Beauty, nothing is more pretty than true beauty, no need for lots of make up when its summer time. / 4. Matching blue with pink. Love these pink lips for party – pink is the new red. / 5. Pink roses, LOVE! / 6. One-of-a-kind heels, find that one pair that makes your legs look unforgettable and make yourself feel gorgeous. / 7. Make a picture of your own, find a cool picture and make it bigger in print+frame it, one a kind masterpiece in your room. / 8. Tan body + nude colored clothes/accessories + golden details, perfect summer look. / 9. Watching all the trees bloom, and just enjoying summer. ♥

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    • denice
      denice says:

      no the best thing, I can understand.. Try a good self-tanning lotion? Some are great! Ask in stores, what they recommend.

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