8 Favorites in My Closet.

DSC_05301. Shoes
I can’t describe my love to my Jeffrey Campbell, Lita’s with silver claws. My black sparkling converse are a favorite too. 

DSC_05382. Belt
I do love belts, and my favorite one is this one. Beige leather with silver studs on it. /From Zebra Helsingborg. 

DSC_05323. Jewelry
Right now my favorite jewelry is bracelets with studs/spikes and skulls. Gold is my absolute favorite color right now, but I can’t take my eyes off the silver/lime colored one. 

DSC_05374. Military/Stud Jacket 
Love, love, love it! Don’t need more words for this one. 

DSC_05465. Stud/Spike Bra
A cool detail underneath see-through garments. Love to wear it on a night out with my friends. 

DSC_05346. Handbag with details 
Love this grey leather one, goes great with a lot of outfits, sticks out and looks awesome.

DSC_05477. Pearl-Hanger
I have a ton of belts, and why hide them? I’ve hung mine over a nice hanger decorated with pearls, looks a lot better.

DSC_05418. Fur Vest
Love this one, found it in Santa Barbara, CA and have worn it a bunch of times with a all kinds of outfits. 

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