Anna: Postat den 2013/10/25 kl. 09:56

Hej! Skulle du kunna ge lite tips på vad man skulle kunna ha på sig på en ute kväll, helst lite olika som med flats, heels and so on. Hade varit toppen!! 🙂

Varsågod Anna, hoppas du får massvis av inspiration av mina nedanstående collage! XX

firstparty1. Sexy & Simple. 
Gray and black is a hot combo, especially now during fall. Match with silver jewelries. 


secondparty2. Chic & skin-shower. 
Simple and fabulous, open back & pointed heels. To complete this luxurious look, add a darker colored lipstick & golden jewelries.


thirdparty3. Wild & Rocky
All black is so hot. A pair of leather pants is the main focus, add a pair of boots, for a sexier look a transparent blouse with a cool bustier underneath. End with a look-stealer necklace, for that finishing party touch. And don’t forget to put on your best red lips. 

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