Three Focus Areas S/S 13

Natural Collage1. It’s okay to be natural. 
I love this simple look, if you feel “naked” put a thin layer of foundation, but try to skip all other types of make up for a change. Beauty comes from the inside.. + your skin will thank you for it!

Lips Collage2. Show off the lips of yours!
Dare yourself to put on a bright lipstick this spring/summer. With a soft tan look, you will rock it! If you are a beginner, go safe and start with a color you feel comfortable wearing and after a while when you have gotten used to colors, try on a more “eye-catching” color. 

Eyebrows Collage3. Marked Eyebrows. 
My favorite beauty tip this season is to go for the eyebrows. I love it!
Doesn’t matter if your going out, grabbing lunch or have a meeting, it works in every case. So think about that next time you put make-up on. 

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