Project: Changes & Upgrades

DSC_0179DSC_0181DSC_0182DSC_0188Mycket inredning på gång just nu. Både i jobb och i mitt hem. 
Började morgonen med att fixa en inspirerande mood-board till min kund, så hon ska få en uppfattning av min vision, och mina idéer. 
Forsatte sedan det kreativa i mitt rum, kände att idag var en perfekt dag att göra om. Vädra, tvätta sängkläder, grovstäda och sätta igång med ommöblering. Så snyggt det har blivit! Bara några små saker som ska på plats, sedan kommer jag fota lite så ni kan få se ikväll, om ni är nyfikna? 

A lot of interior going on right now. Both in my job and in my home. 
Started of the mornings with doing a mood-board for my client, so she can get a clearer picture of what I am thinking of doing with her home. 
Continued the creative work up in my room, I felt like a change – and when I feel that, no one or nothing can come in the way of that. So here I am sitting now, in a almost-finish room and I am super happy with the result! I’m going to take some pictures and show you tonight on the blog, if you are curious? 

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  1. CinZilicious
    CinZilicious says:

    I lovee how these images are black and white and your mood board looks soooo inspiring!!! It’s amazing how your are doing a job you love and have passion for!!!

    Do you normally only look at Swedish interior design mags or English ones, as well???? and what are your faves? I used to buy Elle Decoration but they’re sooo expensive in Hong Kong that i started turning to the gorgeous and inspiring interior design related blogs, like yours!!! I’m super happy i found you because i’ll be needing these inspirations soon, lol


    • denice
      denice says:

      Thank you so much! 🙂 haha, yeah that is a little bit funny 😉

      I look in all kinds, mostly swedish, but a lot of american/english ones too! The only bad thing about those magazines, are exactly the price 🙁 But I like Elle, Plaza and a couple of swedish ones (sköna hem, hem & trädgård)
      I’m so glad you found my blog! & I love your comments!! -XX

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