Every Damn Day – Just Do It!

ChallengeFITTraining and Nutrition is a lot more important than you think. Training doesn’t mean train hard at the gym 7 times a week, training can mean a long walk with your dog 3 times a week, or choosing the stairs instead of the elevator at work, it can mean everything from daily routines to hard efforts at the gym. 
But long story short, to be HEALTHY you need some kind of exercise. The other thing people often forget is NUTRITION. You body needs healthy food, just like a car need fuel – otherwise it doesn’t function right. Therefore, put more time and effort into your meals. And remember, you can still be healthy without cooking for hours!
Here’s 5 tips for you, your body and healthy mind. 

Eat Often, Eat Smaller Portions. 
You’ve probably heard it before, but start doing it to. It’s very common that people wait until they are starving to eat, and then they eat A LOT. Plan your day and meals, 5 meals per day. A meal doesn’t have to be something big, one meal can be a fruit or some nuts. I try to put it like this: Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Dinner. Try not to go longer than 2,5/3 hours without any type of food. 

★ Look Fierce at the GYM!
Seriously, who said you can’t look great at the gym? Okay, its not a runway show but why not buy some cool workout pieces you can be proud to wear to the gym? (I wouldn’t recommend to put a lot of make-up on though! Sweat+make-up=no good match!)

Studies have shown that colors makes us more happy and more energized, so therefor GO for colorful workout clothes. NIKE is my favorite brand, check these goodies out!

Justdoit★ What’s your goal?
Everyone should have a goal, whether its “being able to do 50 situps in a row” or “Get bigger biceps” or “Look like Candice Swanepoel” But the most important thing about goals are, you should start with smaller goals so that you feel satisfaction when you have reached a goal. Don’t start out with a goal to look like a bodybuilder/model if you haven’t trained for a while – be reasonable! 
(My goal is Beach 2013, I try to workout at least 3/4 times a week, a workout can be at the gym, in classes or out for a power walk. Then I love to cook, so I put a lot of effort into my meals.)

Might sound cheesy but it sure does help me. I follow a couple on Instagram who daily uploads motivating pictures, and I like to look at picture on weheartit.com. And I try to do my best to motivate and inspire you here on my blog too. You can also be motivated by “real persons” thats one of the reasons why I love to go to the gym, at least you get motivated by others to train, cause you don’t want to be the person who just stands next to machine and do nothing, right? (Instagram users you should follow: #GETTING_FIT #GETFITFORYOU #VICTORIASECRET)

PLAN to work out!
Sure its easy to say, I’ll work out later. But ask yourself this: Do you have a goal? Do you want to reach it? Can you postpone whatever made you wait with your workout? I hope your answers where all YES. 

So yes, maybe there’s a great show on the TV, so what if you rather sleep 15 minutes longer, get your lazy butt up and MOVE IT! (If there is something really really important, do it!) And don’t think your TV is really really important now! Write in your calendar/iPhone – Workout @ 11.30 or book a workout through your gym’s app at your phone, then you have no reasons to cancel. 

tips from ME / pics from Weheartit & Polyvore