I’m Strong And I Know It

Headerpics from weheartit. 

God kväll mina fina. Nu kommer det som jag lovat, ett litet pepp inlägg inför det nya året. Lite härlig inspiration, peppande ord och bra övningar som kan göras överallt 24/7. Hoppas ni gillar’t! 
God Night my readers. Here is what I promised you guys, an inspiring workout post with some tips, inspiration and good exercises you can do anywhere 24/7. Hope you’ll like it!

Exercisepics from Shape.com

The 3 on top are my three favorite thighs & butt exercises to do at home right now. 
Bottom 3 are my favorites for mainly abs but also for nice toned arms. Easy to do and you don’t need any extra supplies. Just turn up the music and get started. I like to do 3 reps x 15 of each exercise. Can you do more, DO more. Exercising is still individual, so If you feel your body can do more, do it. 
Since I don’t have a gym membership right now, I try to exercise outside of the gym. I like to mix it up with a run/powerwalk and finish up with some good abs&butt exercises inside.
Always remember, a little bit is better than nothing! PS. don’t forget the music, don’t have a good list? Subscribe mine here

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    • denice
      denice says:

      Great design! Unfortunately I didn’t know that it was yours, I found it on weheartit.com and it looked like that, already cropped so thats why. I only borrow pictures from there, and I always write that they are borrowed from WHI, if I would have taken it from your webpage I would of course write that it came from you.

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